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Data Center Shared Services

What is the Data Center Shared Services Marketplace?

The Data Center Shared Services Marketplace is designed as the central location where agencies can choose from an inventory of data center services and automated management tools and products to achieve efficiency and cost savings. Agencies can participate in the Marketplace as either an ISSPs, a customer, or a tenant.

What is an inter-agency shared service provider?

An ISSP is a high performing agency which effectively and efficiently manages its data centers. As an ISSP, agencies have the opportunity to share fixed costs across agency data center operations to achieve cost savings.

How can ISSPs and customers connect in the Marketplace?

The Data Center Shared Services Marketplace brings ISSPs, customers and tenants together in a level playing field to negotiate compliant cost-saving services agreements and contracts such as Service Level Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreements