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Inventory Data Submission

Each quarter, the Federal CFO-Act agencies submit data containing their full inventory of data centers to OMB. This data collection is the source of information for OMB's oversight over Federal data centers and agencies' implementation of the DCOI.

Data Collection Dates:

  • Submissions for the first collection quarter of the calendar year (Q1) are due on or before the last day of February;
  • Submissions for Q2 are due on or before May 31st;
  • Submissions for Q3 are due on or before August 31st; and
  • Submissions for Q4 are due on or before November 30th.

Instructions for submitting this data, using the web system for data submission, FAQs, and helpful forms for OMB approval of certain changes to agencies' data is consolidated into the DCOI User Guide document. This document may be accessed by submitting agencies at: