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JSON Conversion Tool


To assist agencies with preparation of their required DCOI Strategic Plans, a conversion tool for transferring text into a compatible, machine-readable JSON file is provided below. Agencies' final DCOI Strategic Plans then must be published at ‘agency’.gov/digitalstrategy/datacenteroptimizationstrategicplan.json according to the following deadlines:

  • FY 2016 DCOI Strategic Plans are due on or before September 30, 2016;
  • FY 2017 DCOI Strategic Plans are due on or before April 14, 2017; and
  • FY 2018 DCOI Strategic Plans are due on or before April 13, 2018. and


Please enter the relevant data into each fields below. Data can be entered manually or automatically uploaded by clicking the ‘Load my own data’ button on the screen.

Once the ‘Load my own data’ button is clicked, a dialogue box will appear prompting you to enter your data in a JSON format. Once entered, click the ‘Load data’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Please Note: Some fields will only accept numerical data. In the event that the data does not match the parameters for a specific field, an error statement will appear describing the type of data to be entered to correct the error.

After filling in the data, either manually or by an upload, click the submit button at the very bottom. The tool will produce the entered data in a JSON format in a box at the very end. Copy this output into a text file and save it in a JSON format. **Please note that clicking submit does not mean that the output is actually submitted to OMB.** The output must be posted on agencies' ‘agency’.gov/digitalstrategy/ webpages. OMB will access these files using the links listed in the Agency Strategic Plan Locations page of this site.

NOTE that the DCOI also requires that agencies post data center-related milestones to their FITARAmilestones.json files describing steps the agency will take to achieve the goals of the DCOI. Guidance surrounding the DCOI milestones is located at This tool does not address the DCOI milestones requirement of the DCOI.

Table of Contents

  1. Optimization Metrics
    1. Facility Utilization
    2. Energy Metering
    3. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
    4. Virtualization
    5. Tiered Server Utilization and Automated Monitoring
    6. Non-tiered Server Utilization and Automated Monitoring
  2. Closure Metrics
    1. Tiered Closures
    2. Non-tiered Closures
  3. Cost Savings Metrics