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Reporting on the Data Center Optimization Initiative is performed through three methods:

Agences’ reported public data can be viewed on the IT Dashboard.

Data Center Inventory

Each quarter, the Federal CFO-Act agencies submit data containing their full inventory of data centers to OMB. This data collection is the source of information for OMB’s oversight over Federal data centers and agencies’ implementation of the DCOI. The data center inventory is collected quarterly as part of the Integrated Data Collection (IDC). These dates generally align to the following calendar, but please refer to the IDC Instructions for specific dates.

Instructions for submitting this data, using the web system for data submission, FAQs, and helpful forms for OMB approval of certain changes to agencies’ data is consolidated into the DCOI User Guide document. This document may be accessed by submitting agencies at:

Strategic Plan

In accordance with FITARA, beginning in fiscal year 2016, each agency head shall annually publish a Strategic Plan to describe the agency’s consolidation and optimization strategy.

The strategic plan update for a given year must be reported as part of the Q2 IDC Collection for that year. Please refer to the IDC Instructions for specific dates.

Agencies are required to publish their Strategic Plans at [agency].gov/digitalstrategy under a section entitled, “Data Center Optimization Initiative Strategic Plans.” Strategic plans shall also be made available in a machine-readable JSON format at [agency].gov/digitalstrategy/datacenteroptimizationstrategicplan.json.

OMB has provided instructions to agencies on how to report this information at

Agencies may use this JSON file generator to create their machine-readable plan.

FITARA Milestones

Agencies are required to identify, at a minimum, 5 milestones per fiscal year to be achieved through DCOI. These are posted as JSON files on their agency at websites at [agency].gov/digitalstrategy/FITARAmilestones.json. DCOI milestones shall be updated quarterly as progress is achieved and shall be reviewed in quarterly PortfolioStat sessions with agencies’ OMB desk officers.

OMB has provided instructions to agencies on how to report this information at